7 Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Truck Cover

Maybe you haul things around in the bed of your truck? Perhaps you're looking to protect these things from thieves, ne'er-do-wells and poor weather? If so, you need to consider buying a cover.


There are all types of truck bed covers on the market today, each of which provides something a little different in the ways of functionality and performance. For this reason, when choosing a cover, there are several considerations you need to make.


Curious as to what these considerations are? Here are 7 things to consider when choosing the best truck cover for you!


These days, truck covers come in a variety of different styles. Each of these styles has its own way of operating, each with its own unique benefits.


Whereas some truck bed covers open by being rolled back, others open by being folded up. You can also find truck bed covers that retract, lifting up in a similar way to that of a car trunk. A sliding bed cover might also be available to you.

Generally, soft roll-up covers will cost less than retractable covers, covers that lift up, and folding bed covers. However, because they're made out of less expensive material than the other types, they are less secure.


In the end, the opening style you choose has a lot to do with personal preference. After all, regardless of the style you choose, you will be able to access the bed of your truck. 


Another thing you'll want to consider when choosing a truck bed cover is the amount of maintenance it will require. While truck bed covers don't require a great deal of maintenance, there are some that require more maintenance than others.

For instance, retractable covers need to be adjusted at times, some models need to be lubricated with wax, and covers equipped with locks should be lubricated with graphite. Failure to do so on a consistent basis can necessitate repair or a replacement.


The material you choose will also have an effect on the maintenance needed. For example, a vinyl cover will generally require more sun protection than will a fiberglass or aluminum cover.


The simple fact of the matter is that some truck cover materials can withstand more abuse than other truck cover materials. By investing in a stronger and more durable material, you will usually save money in the long run.


If you know what to look for, you can get a lifetime of use out of your bedcover. Pay attention to price points and warranty.

There are multiple grades of aluminum and vinyl so pay attention to product descriptions and the gauge of the aluminum. The most durable materials are Fiberglass and Aluminum, thus, you should get a lifetime warranty on those type of covers.


If you're going to be installing your truck cover on your own, you need to consider its ease of installation. Different types of covers require different installation methods, with some being very easy to install and others being fairly difficult.


The only way you that you can truly understand how difficult a specific installation will be is by reading the instructions before purchase. If you aren't confident that you'll be able to complete the installation, you should either hire someone to help you or utilize a different cover. 


One of the primary points of installing a cover on your truck bed is to protect its contents from poor weather. Particularly, you're trying to protect its contents from water damage.


Fortunately, all types of covers will provide at least a semblance of water protection. However, some covers will provide more water resistance than will others.  For instance, hardshell covers usually provide more water protection than do softshell covers. They also hold up better against snow and other heavy forms of precipitation.


You may think that folding covers provide sub-par water protection, but, in actuality, they're designed to do a terrific job of combating water. Most of these types of covers are equipped with sophisticated drainage systems, ensuring that little to no water seeps through them at all.

6.Security Capabilities

All truck covers provide at least a semblance of security. However, some covers provide more security than others. For instance, a hardcover made out of aluminum will provide more security than a soft cover made out of vinyl.


When choosing your cover, you need to consider how much security is necessary for your purposes. If you're consistently hauling large, expensive items in your truck, it might be a good idea to opt for the most secure cover possible. If, on the other hand, you're only hauling small, inexpensive items on a sporadic basis, you can easily get by with a soft cover.  Additionally, most bedcovers rely on a lockable tailgate to secure the cargo area. If your tailgate is not equipped, you will need to purchase a PopNlock Aftermarket tailgate lock. 


Remember, a truck cover is a long-term investment. You may have to spend a good deal of money on it initially, but, if it's of high quality, it should pay itself off over the years. 


One last thing to consider when choosing a pickup bed cover is accessibility. Whereas some types of covers are easily accessible, others are only partially accessible without completely removing the bedcover. Some covers are easier for one person to remove and re-install than others.


If you need 100% access to your bed without removing your cover there are roll up and folding options that would meet your needs. This is helpful if you need to get a load of mulch in the bed or help a family member move away.


Regardless of the type of cover you choose, you will be able to open it and access the items stored below the bed side height. The differences are: how easy is it to open, how easy is it to remove if need be, how much am I compromising the covers ability to keep water out.



Now that you've made a few key considerations, you're ready to buy your ideal pickup truck bed cover. If you're ready to buy right at this moment, look no further than the website that you're currently reading.


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