Top 10 Truck Accessories for Camping

If you have a truck then truck camping is an adventure you must add to your bucket list.

Because why pay for a hotel or a cabin when you can turn your very own truck into a reasonably priced mountain getaway?

While it may seem daunting to turn a vehicle into a successful camping trip, all you need to turn your camping dream into a reality are a few handy truck accessories and some basic camping gear.

This list will break down everything you need to get started on your next truck adventure.

1. Portable Truck Air Mattress

Sleeping on the ground next to bugs and critters might not be every adventurer's dream, and neither is sleeping on the hard ridges of your cargo bed with sticks and dirt.

But with a portable truck air mattress, you can snuggle up right in the bed of your truck for a great night of sleep. This truck accessory adds that extra touch of cozy to make you feel like you are sleeping in a luxury camping ground.

Most portable truck air mattresses fit perfectly over wheel wells to yield the most surface area for you to sleep on. The best part about this truck accessory is that you can simply plug the integrated pump into your cigarette lighter for easy inflation at the flip of a switch.

2. Portable Camp Shower

There's nothing better than a nice, refreshing shower after a long day of camping activities. And while public showers are scarce in remote camping areas, a clean shower can be greatly appreciated.

Plus, many people are under the impression that you have to rinse off in a dirty lake or use gallon water jugs for makeshift showers. But there is a much better alternative than that.

* Your truck might need a hitch receiver like this.

Portable camp showers are a luxury camping accessory that every truck camper needs. Use it to get that sticky lake water off of your body and sand out of your hair before you set up a cozy fire to fall asleep next to.

3. Pickup Truck Tent

Because what's camping without a good old fashion tent? While setting up a tent on the cold, hard ground is only as appealing as it sounds, pickup truck tents can take tent camping to a whole new level.

All you do is set your tent up on top of your truck bed and you are good to go! The zippers, tent walls, and screens also add an extra sense of security for those who are uncomfortable sleeping solely on a truck air mattress.

4. Hitch Mounted Grill

The best part of camping is always grilling up some delicious hot dogs, and what better way to do that than with a hitch mounted grill? This truck accessory will never fail a hungry stomach.

Plus, you never have to rely on starting an open fire to cook your food over. Of course, if you are traditional in that sense then go right ahead and roast your hot dogs over a campfire.

5. Pickup Truck Cooler

A cooler is essential when it comes to camping because they keep your beers and perishable foods cold all day long. Not to mention you can toss any fish you catch or any deer you hunt in your cooler to bring back to your campground with you. Line-X has our own brand of cooler. Comparable quality without the price and backed by the LINE-X brand

And while dealing with ice during a camping trip can be a hassle, a truck cooler with optimal insulation can be very usefull!

* Pro Tip: Consider truck cargo boxes, chests, mounted boxes or crossover boxes for organizing space in your truck bed!


6. Hamaka Trailer Hitch Stand

If your idea of camping is curling up in a cozy chair with a good book, then this truck accessory is meant just for you. Weighing at just seven pounds, this accessory lightens the total weight of your cargo and allows you to pack more accessories for your camping trip.

Plus, it features a cup holder, pillow and footrest to ensure optimal comfort.

7. Awning

Retractable awnings can transform a typical truck into a luxury campground. They attach to almost every type of vehicle and they clip on right to the roof of your truck.

Designed for outback conditions with waterproof and UV guarded materials, a truck awning can assure optimal protection during your camping trip. Even if your camping trip promises beautiful weather conditions, an extra area of shade can make all of the difference when it comes to camping.

Plus, they are extremely easy to set up and break down, which provides you with more time for camping activities.

8. Truck Toolbox

If you are camping in a truck then it's imperative to make sure you have a fully loaded truck toolbox on hand at all times. This can ensure that no matter what problems you run into you are always equipped to fix them.

And while many people think this is an obvious accessory, it's often one of those small details that truck campers can easily forget about. Make sure your truck toolbox is equipped with a fire extinguisher, a road triangle kit, jumper cables, and a 4-way cross wrench.

9. Backrack Truck Rack

With all of these truck accessories, you are going to need a piece of equipment to organize all of your gear efficiently. And what better way than with the Backrack Truck Rack?

This offers a simple yet functional design that allows you to connect bungee cords and ratchet straps to secure all of your cargo. You can also mount lights to it for optimal vision during night time. Plus, if you are transporting heavy and bulky equipment such as bikers, paddleboards or canoes, the Backrack has you covered.

10. Portable Truck Camping Heater

When you're camping during cooler weather or in a climate where temperatures drop at night, a portable camping heater may become your new best friend. You can opt for heaters that plug into your battery, but it will drain your battery rather quickly.

Instead, you can use propane heaters so they can be used for longer periods of time and provide you with the peace of mind that your truck will start up again when it's time to go home.

Truck Accessories For Camping

A truck can come in handy more times than we can count. But a truck that you can take camping with you is a whole different story that every truck owner should try at least once. And these truck accessories are bound to provide you with the best camping experience of your life.

Here at Line X, we offer the basic accessories that any truck owner will need. So make sure to take a look at our truck accessories before you head out on your next adventure.